What does rise. taste like?

rise. has a light orange flavor. We definitely believe that we have a flavour that suits everyone’s taste buds!

How do I get the most out of my rise. ?

In order to drink all the good stuff in rise., we suggest shaking the bottle, to activate all its benefits.

For best results, drink one full bottle right after your last drink. You can also use rise. as a mixer with your last drink. We suggest mixing it with rum, vodka or gin. Some customers prefer to drink it first thing in the morning.

What's in the bottom of the rise. bottle?

Don’t worry! The sediments at the bottom of the bottle are completely normal. They are particles of our ingredients. Over time, the sediment will increase as heavier particles sink to the bottom of the bottle. Gently swirl the bottle to mix before drinking your rise.

How much rise. can I drink?
Every system is different, and as such, the level will vary from person to person.

Fun fact: Our team enjoys mixing our 8oz rise. with their last alcoholic drink of a fun night which sums up to most every night! We enjoy our drinks and finish up with a rise. to ensure our productivity for the next day. We play hard and work hard!

When is it best to drink rise.?

Here are the best times to drink rise.

End of the night: Last drink of the night. Either alone or mixed with your last alcoholic drink.

Early in the morning: We hope that you didn't forget to have your rise. at the end of a fun night- but if you did no worries, we've got your back. Kick start your day with a rise. and you'll catch up on beating that dreadful hangover.

Is rise. GMO free? Vegan? Gluten free? keto friendly?

Yes, of course!!